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Izraeli startup peachek

- Payments

Secure, affordable seamless authentication between devices is what the company provides. How is it done? Without the need for any hardware other than the speakers and microphones already built-in to every device. The company’s software-only based solution comes with a Software Development Kit (“SDK”) that supports any operating system. The Sound Tokenization™ technology enables any device equipped with a speaker and microphone to become an ultrasonic proximity sensor. These sensors are used for Person to System authentication (e.g. Payment solutions, secure login), Device to Environment connectivity (e.g. OOB pairing, direction/distance filtering) or Sonic QR solution providing the ability to embed and decode alphanumeric information over sound.

Optimove - Customer Engagement and Retention Tool
The company provides Financial Services customers with AI based tools, enabling smart customer segmentation, predictive analytics, and personalized marketing to maximize customer expenditure, engagement, loyalty, retention, and lifetime value. The solution orchestrates hyper-targeted customer communications at scale, empowering brands to drive growth through their existing customer base.   The company’s software combines marketing and data science to help the company deliver highly effective personalized customer marketing campaigns through email, mobile, web, and other channels.  

Open Legacy - Enterprise API Integration Platform 
Helps organizations quickly launch innovative digital services by extending their core legacy systems to the web, mobile, and cloud in days or weeks instead of months. Its API software quickly reduces project backlog by automating and accelerating API creation, deployment, testing, and management from core applications, mainframes, and databases.