Fintech Summit

Israeli FinTech Eco-system - numbers, metrics and Insights - Tal Sharon, C.P.A, Adv.

Israel has the perfect climate for innovation to sprout, making it a hub for ground breaking technologies for global corporates who wish to maintain market advantage. Some characteristics that make the Israeli market dynamic include:
·       Massive government support of Research and Development
·       Small local market due to minimal relations with neighbors encourages global reach
·       Mandatory military draft and ‘Start-up nation’ entrepreneurial attitude leads to quick decision making when under pressure and during critical turning points
·       Cultural mixture of diverse human capital unites different mentalities, allowing Israeli companies to develop targeted innovation for global markets
·       Deep understanding of Cyber Security supports FinTech and InsurTech industry in Authentication, Anti-Fraud and Identity Theft Solutions, and with Cyber Insurance, etc.

The unique characteristics of the Israeli market provide a fertile landscape to locate, develop and adopt a wide range of technologies.
With over 600 FinTech companies, one of the highest rate of FinTech investments per capita globally and record-breaking incoming investments amount in Fintech, Israel is positioned as a global Fintech hub.

We will share our insight of the Israeli FinTech scene and introduce some promising Israeli FinTech solutions.