Fintech Summit

How to create a self-propelling FinTech eco-system - Nir Netzer
A stable eco-system requires a combined effort of several key target audiences. All are FinTech players with different level of involvements and interest. A thriving eco-system has these key drivers operating in harmony.
·       Entrepreneurs - The current and future startups, their part is to enrich the eco-system with new concepts and innovative solutions.
·       Corporates - Who has a crucial role as being a home for the novel developments. the corporates are adopting technologies for proof of concept and accumulating services that will fuel additional innovation and act as a promoter of FinTech technologies.
·       Service Providers - The regulatory framework is changing rapidly, professional service providers will provide the guidance to all parties in legal and commercial framework. Making them suitable for local and global markets.
·       Investors - Contributing funds to start and support ventures growth. The investors are the main driver allowing startups to sprout and flourish.
·       Regulator - Orchestration of the eco-system, promoting new initiatives to enrich cross border business opportunities and streamline processes between the other finTech players in the eco-system.

We will provide insights on the ways these parties interact and what promote them doing so to a point that a balanced, self-sustaining Matrix.